Why advertise with us?

Do you offer a service or product that you would like our surrounding areas to know about? Let This Little Piggy Consignment help you “get the word out” about your business in an affordable and fun way. We offer several types of marketing strategies to fit your business needs.


Vendor display

Would you like to bring attention to your business? A space at our sale is sure to be noticed with hundreds of shoppers passing through. You may need to provide, set up and tear down your own six foot table and pack up your valuable items at the close of the sale each day. Selling of merchandise is encouraged, however, you will be responsible for taking payments from customers for any items sold. The display is subject to This Little Piggy Consignment’s discretion. For more information, please contact us using the message form below.  (Sign up early, there are a limited number of spaces available.)

Bag insert advertising

This is an affordable way to let shoppers know about your business. You will provide inserts (flyers, coupons, business cards, samples, etc.) to be distributed inside of our shopper’s bags. The cost is $25 for 250 inserts, or $50 for 500 inserts.

Link swap/trade with us

Is your business geared toward families? Help us “spread the word” while gaining exposure for your business as well. Contact us for more information in regard to trading a web ad and link with us: FREE

Barter with us

Is there a service you provide and think may benefit This Little Piggy Consignment? We are interested in businesses that would donate their services in exchange for advertisement or to count toward a work shift. We are looking for florists, bakeries, photographers, tables, etc. If you have an idea or suggestion, please contact us.

To advertise with This Little Piggy Consignment, please fill out the message form below. All advertising is subject to our approval. Once we have reviewed and approved your submission, we will send an application and payment information.

(Payment can be made via PayPal.)

* Keep in mind that ad space and display area is limited and available on a first come basis.

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